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Nirvana In Fire – Episode 14

Episode 14! Almost out on time, too! No one is more shocked than us… Oh yeah, the episode! It was…surprisingly slow, despite some amazing New Years outfits, delicious looking food, and A MURDER FIGHT NINJA SCENE.  And you thought YOUR holidays were stressful…

Nirvana In Fire – Episode 13

Episode 13 of Nirvana In Fire! After a long hiatus, we are back! Everybody, in and out of the show, is sick this week, so go get your flu shots and drink lots of orange juice! (Although vitamin C may not be effective against gunpowder explosions…)

Nirvana In Fire – Episode 12

It’s time for our weekly couples’ therapy – wait, no, I mean we are finally back! Episode 12 is a lot of laughs, a few thoughts, and even a couple comments about the show! Please rate and review us on iTunes, follow us on Facebook, on Twitter at @cast_tea and send us notes at teacastnetwork@gmail.com!

Nirvana In Fire: Episode 11

Episode 11 is here – we drop the case of the murdered Baron’s son like it’s hot, and turn instead to the super-important and world-bending question of whether the Crown Prince should touch his mother’s robes or the empress’ robes during a New Year’s ceremony.  Monks will be disturbed, mothers will be shocked, scholars will be summoned, wooden tablets will be burned, and listeners will be Mersplained (as usual), on this most recent episode.

Nirvana In Fire: Episode 10

We are back! After a mini-disaster caused an unplanned hiatus, Meredith and Andrew have made it to Episode 10! Join us as we discuss almost everything under the sun EXCEPT the scenes of the show we made a podcast about!

Nirvana In Fire: Episode 9

At long last, TeaCast is back! Host Andrew and Host Meredith are thrilled to finally be back after many near-death experiences (and in spite of Meredith’s apparently permanent cold). Mei Chang Su has an extremely important conversation with Prince Yu, he schemes with Prince Jing, and he throws snow balls at Fei Liu! Come for the Nirvana In Fire recap, stay for the #podcats!

Nirvana In Fire: Episode 8

After the horrifying find from episode 7, Lin Shu’s plots and schemes move forward.  Will the Crown Prince or Prince Yu be able to outsmart him? Will Chandler/JingRui recover from a shocking realization about his family? Will Andrew actually let Meredith put a laugh track in our podcast? We find out this week in episode 8!


Nirvana In Fire: Episode 7

Ant attacks and lack of caffeine are just some of the challenges Meredith and Andrew overcome as they discuss Episode 7 of Nirvana In Fire! This episode there’s romantic tension, some *light* swearing (oh my!), the beginning of Law & Order: Prince Jing’s Unit, and CSI: Lang Ya Bang!


Bonus Episode #1: Meredith Merrily Mersplains

Our first bonus episode! Meredith shares some background on the book and TV Show Nirvana In Fire, as well as the difficulties in researching shows/authors/books that are entirely in Chinese…


Nirvana In Fire: Episode 6

Nirvana 6 is here! It’s…. a little slow until the end, to be honest. Meredith forgets Aaron Sorkin’s name, but there’s lots of talking while NOT walking, and Andrew shows off his understanding of the intricate plot and character relationships.  Bonus points if you catch the eunuch reference this episode!