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Harry Potter and the Price of Peace

In conflict resolution, we learn that peace and justice are not always compatible. Post-conflict reconciliation is a major focus within the field of conflict resolution, and it is probably one of the most challenging goals to achieve. When learning about different processes of reconciliation, and how difficult it can be for people who have spent years immersed in violence to resume a normal life, my thoughts turned to the epilogue of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

The death of Voldemort would not have been enough to bring a long-term peace to the wizarding world. Only a transformation of relationships among the former enemies could. The fact that Draco and his family were given a chance to participate equally in the post-conflict world, that he could acknowledge Harry and his friends without any display of aggression, and Hermione’s refusal to poison the relationships of the next generation, all provide evidence that the transformation of relationships has occurred.

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