Nirvana In Fire: Episode 7

Ant attacks and lack of caffeine are just some of the challenges Meredith and Andrew overcome as they discuss Episode 7 of Nirvana In Fire! This episode there’s romantic tension, some *light* swearing (oh my!), the beginning of Law & Order: Prince Jing’s Unit, and CSI: Lang Ya Bang!


One thought on “Nirvana In Fire: Episode 7

  1. Amy

    The Northern and Southern Dynasties are real era in Chinese history with most of the dynasties mentioned in the series are all real including Liang, Chen, Wei, Yan (Yan was a splinter of earlier period of 16 kingdoms). If I’m not mistaken, which I might well be, they even use the real capital of Southern Liang, JiangLing. Though the characters are certainly all fictional, I found that many wuxia stories follow real dynasties timelines, names and places. Sorry! I don’t mean to be annoying! Really love the podcast by the way. Please keep making them.


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