Nirvana In Fire – Episode 13

Episode 13 of Nirvana In Fire! After a long hiatus, we are back! Everybody, in and out of the show, is sick this week, so go get your flu shots and drink lots of orange juice! (Although vitamin C may not be effective against gunpowder explosions…)

2 thoughts on “Nirvana In Fire – Episode 13

  1. Aska

    Wish you reviewed the original mandarin speaking version instead of the dubbed Cantonese version which was edited and replaced with an inferior OST.

    1. Meredith Bird Post author

      Hi Aska! Thanks for listening and for commenting! We actually do watch and review the original mandarin speaking version. I speak Mandarin and am familiar with Cantonese, so I can confirm that the version we watch is indeed the original. I cannot always vouch for how accurate the subtitles are, as I am not 100% fluent, so there may be some variation there depending on where you watch the show. Thanks again!


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