Nirvana In Fire: Episode 11

Episode 11 is here – we drop the case of the murdered Baron’s son like it’s hot, and turn instead to the super-important and world-bending question of whether the Crown Prince should touch his mother’s robes or the empress’ robes during a New Year’s ceremony.  Monks will be disturbed, mothers will be shocked, scholars will be summoned, wooden tablets will be burned, and listeners will be Mersplained (as usual), on this most recent episode.

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  1. Orangememory

    Hello! *waves* I started listening to your podcast 2 days ago and just wanted to tell you guys thanks for doing this. 🙂 I am a BIG (GIANT, HUGE) NIF fan and its always a pleasure to discover more fanworks and recaps. I hope you do persist in your endeavour to recap all 54 episodes and hope to see all of them soon.

    I think you both are super cute, however you could do with some help with the background of NIF. (I know that you’re probably recapping as you go, but there are many good sources of info that will help clear doubts).

    The NIF Character Guide (this is a great resource, even for the future, non-spoilery):

    The NIF Episode Recap (this site has done some funny recaps for the whole show 1-54 which you can refer. Some details are innacurate in 1-2 places. The comments however, are great and fill in many gaps about ancient chinese culture):

    Some very helpful videos on NIF, clarifying imperial ranks, relationships and general praise of NIf (spoilers abound):

    The novel translation (some lovely fans have taken up the translation, the novel has multiple versions. This is the second version translation):
    Chapters 1-26:
    Chapters 26 onwards and ongoing:

    The drama and novel differences (spoilers abound tread carefully):

    Fan discussions, gifsets a bit of art are here on tumblr (Spoilers abound):

    We have a Fandom IRC/Discord Chat where we talk about NIF:

    Fanworks: Now China has tons of fanworks and fanart (most archived on Weibo or a site called lofter). A lot of fanart from Korea can be found on twitter itself (yay!). In English we have a tiny fandom on Archiveofourown with 500 fanfics {btw most fanfics here are spoilery, tragic 😛 the fandom is also heavily skewed to Prince Jing/Lin Shu as a pairing}:琅琊榜%20%7C%20Nirvana%20in%20Fire%20(TV)/works

    Fun facts about NIF:
    – Prince Jing actually owns a wolf-hybrid dog called Foya, who Fei Liu takes a shine to only in the novel. But sadly, they hired a Tibetan mastiff to play a direwolf and that dog was super uncooperative so it wasnt in the show.
    – Nihuang actually has a boyfriend in the NIF novel right from the start! The guy is called Nie Duo and he is the one who Mei Changsu sends to help with the Enemy Boat strategy thingy (and also the reason why proud Nihuang accepts a whole public match for her hand, hoping Nie Duo will come out of the woodwork and neet her). So basically she has very little to do in the novel after your Episode 11-12. (She is so badass I need more of her even if not as a love interest haha).
    -Wu Lei (Fei Liu) has played Hu Ge’s younger version twice
    -The Princess Liyang Actress is 2 years younger to The Jingrui actor (who is 40 what a dish)
    -Liu Tao (Princess Nihuang) originally auditioned for the role of Consort Jing. Also she is 40 and a mum of two!
    -Wang Kai’s second breakout role was in NIF. As a young acting graduate, he had taken on the role of those unfortunately heavily stereotyped (in asian dramas at least) very effeminate, fabulous art director role of China’s equivalent of ugly betty. He only got offers for such roles after that and refused to be stereotyped.
    -Liu Min Tao (Consort Jing) and Ding Yong Dai have actually appeared in a 2000s modern drama paired opposite each other where she is the one obsessed with him! 😛
    -Also, other than Nirvana in Fire, The Disguiser, All quiet in beijing and lots of shows from the same production company are also on netflix now.
    – There is a scene in the novek where Prince Jing carries a sick Mei Changsu. They tried to do this in the drama but Wang Kai is reed-thin while Hu Ge is quite buff and Wang Kai’s back gave out multiple times. 😛

    Sorry for all my rambling. Here I leave you with a fun photoshoot:

    If you have more questions, You have my email and I am happy to help answer!

    1. Meredith Bird Post author

      Hi! Thanks again for all this info! Mind if we copy and paste some of your comment onto the Facebook page and share some of the links on Twitter for others to see? 🙂


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