Captive Consciousness examines how the professional field of conflict resolution might be used to understand the conflicts within stories. Conflict happens at all levels of society: globally, nationally, throughout communities, between individuals, and within individuals. Storytelling, whether the medium is a book, song, movie, television show, video game, or graphic novel, is fundamentally a way to discuss how people create and resolve conflicts.

The goal of this site is to discuss the explicit or implicit messages about conflict and conflict resolution within popular stories. The skills and theories from the academic field of conflict resolution can be applicable to anyone’s life, and if more people are aware of them, then there is a greater chance that conflicts will be conducted in constructive, transformative methods rather than in violent, destructive ones. My goal is to connect the messages about conflict from the stories we love to the theories and practices of conflict resolution, and explain the significance of those connections to our daily lives or current affairs in the world.

If nothing else, I hope this site and these articles will be entertaining, and give us all an excuse to enjoy our favorite stories (or guilty pleasures) and to talk about them with our fellow fans.